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with OGC Academy Instructor, Josh Horsthuis.

Same swing, different results. Improving your game through performance analysis, professional stat tracking and personalized practice plans.

What it is: 1 month access to Professional Goal setting, stat tracking and all around game analysis. Customized practice plans that are adjusted as you improve and your needs change. On-course analysis and course management training.
What it isn'tThis is NOT your typical golf lesson. Playing better golf does not always mean a new golf swing. This program is designed to get the most out of the swing you currently own.

What's included? 

  • Initial assessment meeting
  • Statistical analysis
  • 1 on-course analysis session (Josh will follow you for 9 holes during a round of golf with your regular group)
  • Practice plans (Adjusted with every 10 rounds of data (stats) and/or 10 practice sessions (task mastery))
  • On-course gameplan 
  • Post round check-ins
What it costs:

Introductory Price:

  • $299/month regular
  • $450/month including a 1-on-1 playing lesson
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Josh Horsthuis, PGA of Canada - Academy Instructor
Email: [email protected]


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